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+ class descriptions

Sunday, July 19th:

8-9am Full breakfast + student music session
Hike, swim, and explore campus
Stay and play until 11am check-out time

Saturday, July 18th:

8:30-9:30am Check in, coffee and breakfast
9:45am Orientation
10am-12:00pm Group classes
12:00-12:45pm Lunch
12:45-2:00 Play time/siesta break
2-3pm Workshops, TBA
3:15-5pm Group classes
5-6pm End-of-camp jam session
6:30-7:30pm Dinner
7pm Storytelling slam, “Backfired”
8pm Free time, musical jams, campfire


Saturday / Sunday including all meals, camping, and instruction: $130 per person

Registration is required to attend. Campers may choose to bring their own tent or stay in a cabin, but there is no difference in pricing.

We can honor cancelations with a full refund until July 1st. After July 1st, tuition is nonrefundable and the balance must be paid even if participants are unable to attend. Please notify us before July 1st if you need to make any changes to your registration and we can help.

Classes offered:

Fiddle, level 1: for players who have a few tunes under their belt, know the basics of their instrument, and are able to play at a slow to moderate group tempo. Class material will include several melodies taught by ear, chord accompaniments to tunes, and a fun introduction to traditional techniques to experiment with as a class.

Fiddle, level 2: for players who are comfortable with their instrument and can play multiple tunes up to tempo. This class will dig into faster and more involved melodies and may include harmonies and chord accompaniments to tunes. This will also explore more intricate traditional techniques for solo and group playing.

Guitar: for players who have some good open chords under their belt, an ability to change chords at moderate speeds, and are comfortable with a strum pattern or two. This class will build rhythm structure for the tunes we'll play in our group jam, and may dive into some simple guitar leads, bass runs, and improvisation as well. Students will be encouraged to sing while they play if they like. If you have them, please bring a capo, pick, strap, and tuner.

Advanced ensemble (new in 2020!): this class is for advanced musicians who are able to learn by ear at a fast pace, understand ensemble playing, and want to dig into arrangements, theory, band dynamics, harmony parts to our tunes, and more. Students will prepare a class tune for our end-of-camp jam to debut!

Clawhammer banjo: Students will review their bum-ditties and fundamental left- and right-hand form, and will largely focus on rhythm and melody playing for several tunes for our group jam. If you have them, please bring a capo, strap, and tuner.

Song/vocals: all vocalists, family, friends, and "non-instrumentalists" are lucky to land in this inspiring and welcoming class. Students will begin with warm ups before diving into a day full of great tunes and fun rhythms. This class will cover melody and harmony parts for a diverse set of tunes, with a focus on having a really good time doing it. Bringing a water bottle is a good idea.

Bass, mandolin, and cello: these instruments will have their own designated class dependent on enrollment. Otherwise, they can expect to join in the rhythm and melody instruction of the guitar and fiddle groups. Our teachers are all multi-instrumentalists and are adept at arranging for multiple string voices. Please bring any accessories you may need for your instrument.

Kids’ band (new in 2020!): for kids and adults of all ages who prefer a less structured creative environment for making music. Especially great for our youngest kiddos, this class will explore percussion, song lyrics, body movement, songwriting, and more. Be prepared to listen to the birds and make up a funky bird jam to all sing together, or collect pinecones for a world debut of the all-pinecone band. Guaranteed to be fun and accessible for all ages.