what should we do when we arrive at camp?

Check in on Saturday anytime between 8:30-9:30am. Find the welcome table to pay your balance and receive your schedule, name tag, and lodging information. During this time, we'll be offering a full breakfast in the dining hall for anyone who'd like. Orientation for all campers will be at 9:45am.

can we bring dogs? Really good dogs?

I’m sorry, but no pets at Camp Winthers.

what about smoking?

No smoking on campus, please.

How should we pay?

Campers may mail us a check ahead of time, or pay Saturday morning when they arrive. We accept cash, check, and Venmo.

what’s your refund policy?

We can honor cancelations with a full refund until July 1st. After July 1st, tuition is nonrefundable and the balance must be paid even if participants are unable to attend. Please notify us before July 1st if you need to make any changes to your registration.

what if I don’t play an instrument?

For the non-musical parents and guardians attending camp, we invite you to join Heather's Song + Vocals class or Damon’s Kids’ Band class, both of which are super fun and open to everyone.

can I choose who sleeps in my cabin?

Yes! We don’t assign beds, so you can bunk with friends, family, or strangers as you please.

when is sunday check-out time?


can you accommodate dietary needs?

Yes, but we encourage you to bring supplemental snacks to be sure that you get plenty of food over the course of the weekend. We have a fridge if needed.

what if I don’t play a string instrument / know how to read sheet music / play the fiddle or guitar yet?

We ask all participants to have at least a basic proficiency on their instrument (usually about six months of playing, or a few tunes). Reading music is not required, as most teachers at camp teach by ear. All instruments are welcome to join-- teachers can adapt parts to accommodate students as needed.

what’s the deal with the story slam?

This year’s theme is “Backfired.” If you’d like to participate, the rules are simple: think of a true story that really happened to you that’s related to this theme. Stories usually run 3-6 minutes and can be joyful, sad, strange, suspenseful, ridiculous, or all of the above. We have room for ten sign-ups.

do you have counselors to supervise my kiddo?

No. This is a family-style camp, so all participants under age 18 must have a guardian join them. Parents and younger siblings can enjoy Heather's Song + Vocals class as well as our art and games area or exploring the beautiful campus.

can I bring my friends?

Yes! Everyone is welcome. Registration is required to attend.

will there be a bonfire?

Most likely, yes. We take fire safety seriously and will assess this carefully before deciding. Absolutely no fires outside of the fire ring are permitted.

can I borrow an instrument?

Yes! Email amie.l.fenwick@gmail.com to arrange this in advance.

what if I have a medical conditioN?

Please bring any medical supplies you may need and notify us if you'll require assistance. We’ll be happy to help. We will have a basic first aid kit on site, but will be in a fairly remote area and not immediately near emergency services.

will there be awesome free magnets and stickers again this year?

Why, yes, as a matter of fact. :)

What should I bring to camp?

-your instrument(s) and any accessories you may need: tuner, capo, strap, pick, etc.
-a recording device for classes (the iPhone voice memo app works great)
-sunscreen, bug spray, hat, sunglasses, layers, etc.
-any medication you may need
-a camp chair
-a refillable water bottle to reduce waste
-a flashlight, swimming suit, hiking boots, and towel
-bedding, a bath kit, a personal tent if you prefer, and personal snacks to enjoy
-a storytelling idea if you'd like to join in the dinnertime story slam